Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hi friends (bye friend...)

Welcome to the Voo blog site & the first ever blog post too. Voo have been on a bit of a hiatus for six months or so for a number of reasons; the main one being we lost a member of the band in John Wallace – not in tragic, fatal accident kind of way, just in a he left the band kind of way – although that doesn't make it any less sad. More on that in a bit.

Another, happier reason we haven't been as busy is that Paul became a Dad (and me an uncle!) to a baby girl earlier this year. Her name is Ella & she is awesome. Expect the next Voo record to be soppier than usual.

Anyway, this last weekend we met up at our practise room for the first time since November & got started playing some new songs which felt amazing. Sunday also marked the first time we had played with our new drummer Steve Carpenter. Steve used to play drums in Tokyo Adventures & has been a good mate of ours for years now too & we're psyched he's agreed to play drums for us. So welcome Steve but farewell John... we are dead sad to see John leave the band but understand his reasons. I gave him a shout & told him about this blog & asked him if he'd like to write anything for it. He sent me the following, so I'll finish this first post with John's goodbye address. Thanks John x

"Hello Voo Blog readers, So I quit Voo right, it was an ugly affair, we had a massive punch-up in the Albert on Lark Lane, Graham body-slammed me through the bar and Paul did a leg-drop off the tele and onto my arm finishing my drumming career. Those guys will probably remember it differently but let's not let a good story get in the way of the truth.

Excuse me, a little nervous humour there in a macho attempt to cover up what's actually going on. We didn't have a bar fight, Paul didn't end my drumming career with a leg-drop but the truth is I am no longer the drummer with Voo.

A few years ago I left Liverpool and had been travelling back for band practices and gigs but with work and education commitments I've not been able to dedicate the time Voo deserve. Graham's been writing top-notch songs recently but without a drummer there week-in week-out a band struggles to move forwards.

It's been a really difficult decision to make, I've been with Voo for 8 years and when you leave a long-term band it's more like breaking-up with a girlfriend, except you're breaking up with two people simultaneously and you worry about hurting them or damaging the friendships. Luckily Graham & Paul have been really cool about it and I'm really happy that we're all still friends and happy that Voo will carry on doing music without me.

From those 8 years spent with Voo there are some beautiful memories, playing Germany and making new friends over there has been really special, thanks Marius, Alex, Katrin, Mark and Ruth. Playing Liverpool Arena supporting Crowded House was incredible and a mind blowing night. And its been great being able to hang out with two cool bros Paul & Graham on the road, in the practice room/service stations/van/car/ferry/attic... thanks for the good times guys.

There's loads more special memories from my years with Voo but I don't want to get over-sentimental, it'll ruin my tough guy image. I'd like to say good luck to Voo and to new Voo drummer Steve Carpenter, his old band Tokyo Adventures are one of my favourite bands from Liverpool. To finish I'd like to point anyone still reading this in the direction of my favourite Voo track, I have good memories of recording this. Goodbye for now everyone x"

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