Tuesday, 29 May 2012

We Got Out Just In Time

Hey - how about this fucking weather? Jesus Christ.

I was down in London for ATP I'll Be Your Mirror on Sunday to see Archers Of Loaf & Afghan Whigs & neglected to take any sun cream so my poor head took the full brunt of the sun's brutal rays. It doesn't feel good & it looks very, very red but it's worth it as I got to see Archers Of Loaf, a band I've loved for a very long time & I didn't think I'd ever get to see live. I totally lost it when they started playing 'Web In Front'. Amazing.

Afghan Whigs were incredible too but I'd seen them before.

Moving on...the title of this here post is also the title of a new song we will be playing when we make our triumphant, glorious Archers Of Loaf-style return to the stage later this year. This is an acoustic version of it recorded earlier this year while we were demo-ing some new songs. John Wallace (ex-Voo) recorded it & Ben (surname unknown) mixed it. Hope you like it.


Late last week I was made up to be asked to go along to do some singing & some shouting on the new House That Jack Built album. It's called 'A Study Of Reading Habits' and, from the bits & pieces I've heard, is going to be awesome. Rekordmeister Music have just lashed a new song up on their website before the album's full release this Friday at Used Vinyl Club. Have a listen here (that's me doing the high "du du du du's..." in the background along with Puzzle's Lucy Johnson).


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