Friday, 31 August 2012

IN HELL, FIRE HOT (Plus 'People We Know' EP stuff)

It's been a while since I last hollered at ya, over two months in fact. We've been busier during that short period than we have been for a long time so, although I haven't had a chance to update this blog as much as I'd have liked, to be doing so much with the band has been really great. 

Most of that time I spent sat behind a really old typewriter typing the track-listing & sleeve-notes for our new EP 100 times & getting ink all over me & everything while doing so. Hopefully it was worth it though, as was the endless hunt for polaroids to go on the EP's covers. Man, the things I saw during that search... The internet is a dark, dark place let me tell ya. An few innocent words such as 'polaroid pictures job lot' will turn up all manner of horrors. But again, worth it. Hopefully. 

I ended up buying a box of 330 polaroids from someone called Sebastian in France. The pictures seem to be mainly from the '70s & are mostly American. About 200 of 'em are of a dog called Russell. I'd looked through them many times before I came across a picture that literally sent a shiver up my spine; a dark photo of a sign painted by, presumably, a maniac saying 'IN HELL, FIRE HOT'. I felt as though I'd been cursed once I'd seen it & maybe I have.

To avoid other people feeling this way I didn't include the 'IN HELL, FIRE HOT' photo amongst the EP covers & it's still amongst the pictures of Russell the dog in mine. If you want to feel disturbed & horrible let me know & I'll lash it online. 

The EP with these fancy covers is called 'People We Know' & features the song (also called 'People We Know') we went into the studio to record at the end of July. It feels amazing to be putting some new music out, especially given the amount of time it took for our second record to come out after the first. The fact our EP is part of the Used Vinyl Club series makes it extra special for us. If you're not aware of Used Vinyl Club, they've been putting out releases by boss bands since February this year starting with Puzzle's 'Everything You Ever Made' EP. These releases are gradually building into an awesome archive of free downloadable music and, alongside the amazing physical copies of the records which are also available, and the acoustic videos uploaded to mark the launch of each EP or album, to be included in the Used Vinyl Club series is, both as a band & a music fan, a fucking treat. 

If you haven't already, head over to the site & fill your boots.

So it was Used Vinyl Club #7 that we played our first gig in what feels like a long, long time & also our first with our new drummer, but old friend, Steve. It's a funny feeling to have been in a band for so long but to feel as though you're playing your first gig. Despite all the pre-show anxiety, the gig was a success, at least from our point of view. We all really, really enjoyed ourselves and hope all those watching did too.

Here's a link to the 'People We Know' EP - free to download. Hope you enjoy it.  

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