Friday, 13 September 2013

Songs We Will Dance To

When our LP 'songs We Used To Dance To' came out we had really high hopes for it; it had been delayed several times, then we moved labels, and the album - ready to go in 2008 - didn't come out until 2011. For one reason or another 'Songs We Used To Dance To' didn't get the push we'd wanted it to get. We're dead dead proud of 'Songs We Used To Dance To' and really excited to tell you all that it's going to be re-released on Rekordmeister on October 14th. We're hoping now that some more people get to know about the album and hear the record they'll really enjoy it. It'll be available on heavy vinyl (with CD) from our new Bandcamp page & our store from October 14th along with a bargain 'Songs We Used To Dance To' t-shirt bundle. It'll also be available in select record shops throughout the country. Thanks for reading mates, and it won't be as long before the next one promise... x

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